The Government of Iran in Exile

We are asking all the opposition groups to unite for a smooth transition of power from the Islamic State to people.

گفتگو با شادروان دکتر محمد رضا بفرویی

دبیرکل اسبق حزب و سرپرست امور مالی شورای هماهنگی دولت موقت در تبعید ایران


In the name of the emancipation of Iran and the civil liberties, find hereby a TGIE request addressed to all the students and human right activists to reinforce the cohesion in their organisations and programmes to become more active participants in the general uprising of Iranian people.

Today, Iranians from all walks of life, including the intelligentsia, professionals and human right activists are highly determined to free Iran from the hands of occupier Islamic regime and restore their legitimate rights in their homeland.

Thirty years of disintegration, scattered struggles with a hope of receiving support from foreign powers and lack of confidence in the ability of Iranian nation to put up a united front to defeat the occupying Islamic regime; and more importantly a false illusion and trust in the reformist faction of the regime and its various supporters has resulted in the loss of life of hundreds of thousands of political and human right activists and freedom fighters and created more obstacles in the struggle for freedom in Iran.