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General Outline of The Transitional Government of Iran in Exile (TGIE)

Following the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Iranian people, the Transitional Government of Iran in Exile (TGIE hereafter) for quick and urgent filling of the power vacuum within Iran embarks on its governmental duties and administering tasks. Members of this government, considering themselves as servants of the Iranian people, knowing the problems and dangers facing such a heavy responsibility, swear to the Great God and to their national commitments that together with the Iranian people, they will stand firmly against blind massacres, anarchy, lootings and destruction of private and public properties. They will also firmly stand against disintegration of the country and the presence and interference of foreigners in Iranian internal affairs, something that Iranians are highly sensitive to and strictly against.

TGIE through establishing national, social and economic security under the sacred three colour flag of Iran will start implementing, in a fundamental way, the universal principals of Declaration of Human Rights within the country